🎭 Discover the Magic of Theatre with our Little Stars Class!

Ignite your child's imagination with our enchanting theatre class designed especially for little actors!

 Unleash their creativity: Watch as your little ones step into a world of make-believe, storytelling, and imaginative play. Through interactive games and delightful activities, they will learn to express themselves, build confidence, and embrace their unique talents. Foster friendships and teamwork: Our nurturing environment encourages social interaction, cooperation, and friendship-building. Together, our little performers will create magical moments, laugh, and learn the joy of collaboration. Our dedicated theatre instructors are passionate about fostering a love for the stage in young hearts. They create a safe, supportive, and fun-filled environment where every child can shine and explore their theatrical potential.

This is a play-based theater class for little ones ages 5-7. 

We will meet once a week to play, sing, dance, and act as we explore the world of theater.

Join our Little Stars Class today and let your child's imagination soar as they embark on a magical journey through the world of theatre! 🌟🎭✨

*Studies  everywhere show that students who PLAY are more creative and young people  develop life long skills through theatre arts education!

Saturday Morning

 10:30-11:30 am 

$180 for 10 classes


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